Almost chronological list of places I have fallen asleep

Almost chronological list of places I have fallen asleep when I should not have done.

I awake after eight hours sleep. I am exhausted. My body aches. I turn over and to mattress moves up to welcome me. I close my eyes. Nine hours of sleep. Harsh light crawls through my curtain-less window. It cannot touch me. Ten hours sleep. I have to get up. Have an appointment. I think about how bad it would be just to sleep through. My mother bangs on the door. I drag myself up.

  • Cafeteria at College
  • Front row of business class
  • Back row of business class when we had a guest
  • Next to the former Polish minister for defense?
  • Induction seminar at new job
  • Group introduction meeting with new boss
  • Through a fire alarm
  • Group goodbye from that same job
  • The library
  • In several open lectures at the UEA
  • The library
  • On my grandparents sofa but for so long my parents worried about my absence and phoned them
  • The library
  • When I was supposed to be volunteering
  • When I was supposed to be at the doctors
  • In a meeting sitting adjacent to the member of parliament for Norwich North
  • During a talk by local artists
  • Through all the sunlight the day could offer.

There are some places I don’t regret falling asleep.

  • In the arms of [redacted] and [redacted]
  • The office Christmas party
  • The Conjuring 2
  • The office February party

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