It’s not really inertia. Because one change in motion is easy. In November I was getting a couple of hundred words down most days. As Christmas ramped up my job gave me more hours1It’s not a 0 hours contract if you have an eight (8) hour contact and then after Christmas… well all my friends and family are in town!

I’m not apologising. Just re-committing and looking at my plans for the next year2Fuck off Neil DGT. Let’s try to get a good few done. And look at what I have done.

There have been achievements in 2017

  • Was happier
  • Left the house more than the last year3my plan every year
  • Started writing for a site I bought last year4this is round two atm
  • Held down job for whole year5two years next month
  • Left the country TWICE
  • Built healthy relationship6she’s also hot
  • Started going to gigs and art with people7It’s been an adjustment to not being alone at things
  • Barman knowing my order at the NAC8RIP Alley cafe where they owner knew I wanted hot chocolate

There are plans for 2018

  • Leave the house more9my plan every year
  • Get happier10is this the year I get “well”?
  • Finish an ARTicle11I have three half written profiles. I feel I need a better statement that: look at this thingy
  • Keep this writing up
  • Visit a far away friend or two
  • Keep in better contact12my plan every year
  • Do that art project
  • Ghost hunting!
  • Get the cohost to write something
  • Record the first episode of the VoidNotes podcast
  • Make the most of any good weather

I also want to reach a point of quality and regularity where I can start telling people IRL about this project.

Did I achive these aims?

Found this post 15 months later and evauluated. I did alright.

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