Oh Fudge: More Hiatus

Me riding Charizard in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee

What were you doing?

I started scrapbooking again and after a pretty intense two months of gluing down: I had two A4 sketch books full of 2018. I’ll have some making-off posts soon enough. Here’s a peek:

gig showing the steps of assembaling a scrapbook page

It’s been more than two months!

Yeah. I also got a Switch for Christmas and a ~boyfriend~ so I’ve been playing with those. Our work pattern means I’ve been spending my weekends at his rather than at gigs.

screenshot of pokemon eevee where it says

This is not an apology to an imagined audience. It’s a short post to get me back into the rhythm of writing. To remember why I am doing this:

  • Writing is very difficult for me
  • Writing more will make it easier
  • Writing about art makes me think about it more
  • I want a life worth recording1This does not mean a “boring” life is not worth living but that I have huge gaps in my memory where I didn’t do anything so have … Continue reading
  • The personal website is the only way of keeping a blog safe. Tumblr has likely deleted my art blog because there was artistic porn on it and I asked Bebo to remove my page from their archive. Everything online is forever. Except when it isn’t. I’d been bookmarking art to write about on twitter then one of the main posting accounts (I follow the ones who actually name the artist) deleted their account so I no longer have a record of them.

My aims for this year are as follows:

  • Twine project ✔️
  • Art in response to another persons work
  • Keep up on the gig posts ✔️
  • Some sort of video work ✔️
  • Digitise part of my scrapbooks
  • Write about
    • Nature
    • Bots
    • Horror
    • Vintage Radio

I’ve got parts of several articles on old radio shows but it takes way longer to write and research these things.

I’m a soft bitch with no resolve. Let’s see how far I get. I had a post like this last year. I’ll do an evaluation with that soon.

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