Modern Art is Rubbish BINGO Cards

As mentioned in this post I love to hate watch ‘explanations’ of why Modern Art is bad so much I know which points they are likely to make.

Thanks to for your gaudy stars and stripes style card. It was the obvious artistic choice.

List of boxes on the cards

  • Example of Modern Art featuring:
    1. Pornography
    2. An audience interaction element
    3. Human waste
  • Examples of art by:
    1. Yoko Ono
    2. Jackson Pollock
    3. Michelangelo (take a shot if it’s David)
    4. Da Vinci
  • Saying:
    1. I love art
    2. Elitist
    3. A child could do that
    4. It’s a rock!
    5. It’s just an X
  • Cleaners mistook this art for rubbish
  • Examples of:
    1. Installation art
    2. Performance art
    3. Void paintings (Just all one colour)
  • The vague concept of ‘Decline’
  • Out tax money waste on this
  • Saying the art took less time than the old greats
  • This rubbish sold for millions
  • Everyone else is just pretending to understand
  • It’s a threat to our culture or values

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