Lunch Break Manga

My resolution this year was to stop reading twitter on my lunch break and get back into Manga.

Why manga?

I used to read it was a teen online and now it’s easy to get and read on my phone. Easy to dip into in a half hour break, unlike a novel.  I want something to relax with.

A comic page can also convey a lot of information on a page quickly. Chapters are short and the app remembers my page.

Here’s what I have been reading:

A list in genres

  • Comedy
    • Chi’s Sweet Home
    • Junji Ito’s Cat Diary
    • Gokushufudo: Way of the House Husband
    • Saint Young Men
    • That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime
    • Skull-face Book Seller Honda-san
    • Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto
  • Action
    • Parasyte
  • Romance1Smut is not a relaxing lunch companion
    • The Ancient Magus’ bride
    • Renai Idenshi XX
  • Horrifying true account of Hiroshima
    • I Saw it
    • Barefoot Gen

Are the comics good?

That is not a complete list of my reading. There has been more stuff I tried and didn’t enjoy and one-shots that would take too long to list.

I’ve got a post about the comedy manga I have enjoyed.

Is it an improved lunch?

Yes! No getting angry/upset at the news as I’m having a chill time reading about dating a skull-faced wizard or getting a little wound up with retail work memories2I haven’t worked true retail but have been understaffed and overworked with a skeleton book seller.

Covers for Skull-faced book seller Honda and The Ancient Magus Bride both featuring skull faced men

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