An ongoing rum adventure

two staff members in floral shirts looking at the wall of rum

The cast: Sky / Staff / Myself

A half sequel to my Czech drinks post. Same team. Different rum.

11 October – HCM gig

Started off on cocktails we don’t remember the names of. They were nice. Round two cocktails also nice. Round three involved a not great / bad coconut cocktail and:

Dead Mans FingersToo strong at first, needs to lots of coke to be very drinkable. Strong.

Lemonade the crocodileA good dog. So cute.

25 October

Back on Dead Mans Fingers because I know I like it. Cans of Red Stripe are the only beer they sell. Nice and light.

Old J spiced – Has an over-proof variant we need to try, so nice, aftertaste reminds me of B&Js birthday cake ice cream.

Burning BarnWay too smoky.

Havana 7Very drinkable, sweet, like medicine.

Lychee juiceRubicon always a solid. Fruit juice? Really?

Mango juiceTaste so much smoother than the morrisons own i have at home.

15 March

It’s been forever and I’m alone. Old J Spiced is still good when sober. It’s the sweetest spiced rum [they] sell. Lemonade the Crocodile is also still good. The best. Such a sweety.

Barti Duu – Another spiced rum discribed as having a marmalade taste but it’s not oranges it’s seaweed? It’s made in Wales? I liked it well enough.

Also found out this trip that they only do their house rums as singles. If you want something of the shelves you have to have a double. So thats… a thing.

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