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Reviews & Write Ups

Over the years I've seen quite a few shows. I've seen a lot of local bands. The joy with local bands is when you find ones you like you can see them multiple times a year.

Reviews are sorted into Live Music, Live Art,Theatre & Other Performances, and Visual Art.Then we have Other reviews and non-review posts.

Live Music

Devotee of the local music scene.

Date Published Event Location
31.08.2019 Peach Club, Lemondaze, K.M.B Waterfront
04.03.2019 Skinny Lister + The Wood Burning Savages Norwich Arts Centre
25.11.2018 Ideal Surreal Karma Takedown Karma Kafe
11.11.2019 Oxjam Norwich '19 Multi Venue
01.11.2018 Gladboy EP Launch Waterfront Studio
27.10.2018 The Velveers @ Odd Box Bermuda Bob's
24.10.2018 Happy Coloured Marbles @ Odd Box Bermuda Bob's
27.08.2018 30% of the Reindeer band showcase The Reindeer
15.07.2018 The Bad Apples, Kill the Crow, Blisster, Sharks Can’t Hold Hands @ Rad Times Gringos
16.06.2018 Luke Peter Foster, Blip Trip, King Porteous, Tipsy Lizard, BootlegBart @ Norm’s Bedford's Crypt
07.05.2018 Dr. Clyde, Saturday Morning Breakfast Show, The Three of Us @ Norm’s Bedford's Crypt
13.04.2018 Live Blogging Waster Sunday The Owl Sanctuary
30.03.2018 Gladboy, Lucille, Fever Machine The Owl Sanctuary
04.03.2018 Birds of Hell, Creepy Neighbor, Happy Coloured Marbles, Ellie Bleach Norwich Arts Centre
08.01.2018 Punk Rock Stars in their Eyes The Owl Sanctuary
01.01.2018 Meadowlark & Hydra Lerna & Aphra The Owl Sanctuary
09.12.2017 Heavy Metal Ding Dong The Owl Sanctuary
26.11.2017 Some Good Music at TOSN The Owl Sanctuary

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Live Art

I can't define it, but it's cool.

Date published Event Location
14.12.2018 Figs in Wigs: Often on Stage Norwich Arts Centre
25.11.2018 Robin Deacon: Vynil Equations Norwich Arts Centre
16.03.2018 Carry On Jaywick Norwich Arts Centre
21.11.2017 Tom Marshman: Kings Cross (Remix) Norwich Arts Centre
13.11.2017 Bubble Schmeisis Norwich Arts Centre

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Theatre & Performances

And musicals and live podcasts etc.

Date Published Event Location
14.03.2019 House of Daze 1st Birthday Party Norwich Arts Centre
22.10.2018 Radio Active Playhouse
30.05.2018 True Stories Live Norwich Arts Centre
01.04.2018 Legally Blonde the Musical Theatre Royal
02.12.2017 Poetry Open Mic Bird Cage
10.11.2017 NT Live: Follies Cinema

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Visual Art

When the art is not live.

Date Published Event Location
18.12.2021 Study for Null #003 - Yutaka Hashimoto Moosey
13.06.2019 Moco Museum is Garbage MOCO Amsterdam
15.02.2018 NUA Zine Society - LOVE Exhibition Studio 20

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Other writings on art

Other art writings.

Date Published Article Location
27.08.2019 Interview with the artist behind "The navy seal copypasta as a bead necklace
22.07.2019 Writing Complaints about Modern art BINGO cards
22.07.2019 Complaints about Modern art BINGO cards
26.04.2019 Post it bitch: forcing myself to make a video blog a day for a week YouTube
22.03.2019 Stuff I have got at gigs
26.02.2019 Comedy Manga to read with lunch
26.02.2019 Improving my life with Lunch Break Manga Work
04.11.2018 The Future of Norwich Music Forum Epic Studios
10.10.2018 Nook - Social Gringo's Tequila Bar
27.08.2018 "Why a gig is best enjoyed solo" BBC Radio 4
19.08.2018 The Best of Norm's Bedford's Crypt
27.07.2018 So Norm's is Ending
26.04.2018 Astonomy Public Lecture UEA
16.11.2017 Prof. Marston and the Wonder Women Cinema

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Other art writings.

Date Published Title
20.12.2021 Fixing my WordPress site
20.04.2020 Adventures in Game Makers
25.03.2020 What I packed for Self Isolation
25.03.2020 Let's not get depressed!
22.02.2020 What do I pack for Self Isolation?
04.02.2020 I am obsessed with swimming
29.01.2020 2019 website in review - it's been 5 months
29.07.2019 Granny, Take Your Shoes Off - Twine game dev notes
02.07.2019 Pokemon Go weekend of boiling sun and Jumpstart Research
03.03.2019 Did I do what I wanted to do in 2018?
24.02.2019 Oh Fudge: More Hiatus
06.11.2018 I'm globally ranked at Follow JC Go
06.11.2018 Follow JC Go English Translations
27.10.2018 An ongoing rum adventure
12.10.2018 My week with 3aaa
12.10.2018 3aaa Timeline
12.08.2018 Drink in the Czech Republic
29.07.2018 What to pack on a camping canoeing holiday in central Europe
30.12.2017 Inertia
15.11.2017 Bad Poetry 2
02.11.2017 My comic shop knows I'm Queer
02.11.2017 Almost chronological list of places I have fallen asleep

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Old site descriptions:

I heard it said that "Andy [Warhol] would attend the opening of a drawer" and I'm applying that to my life. I'm focused on going outside and seeing new things. This blog is a way of encouraging that and also forcing myself to write, which I also struggle with.

Void Notes: Any reason to leave the house.