Update log


24.06 Finally got the guides page working. It had been a list of links for too long. Now I have a nice little gallery that adjusts for the screen width. This was a copy of a w3c template that I adjusted. It does feel a bit of a failure as it is another copy but it is done. This is the second gallery page I did not understand. I have to make more of an effort.

10.06 Blasting through the old pages. At this rate it will be done after a couple more sessions.

04.06 A breakthrough in converting old pages from wordpress. I just copied over the old file structure and did mass find & replaces in Visual Studio Code from the WP hosted images to my new site's structure. I have much more motivation to do the updates as there is a lot less work now.

05.03 I feel a little bad copy-pasting some code I don't understand into a gallery page. It's the only javascript on the site but it is damn useful for what I want. I don't feel shame as I say on the page it's not mine.

03.02 All that time I spent making the 'perfect' list of pages for the side bar and I am making a change. Scrapbook will be replaced by Web.

28.01 Seems my page views have been on steady decline since moving format. Some of it will be loosing a lot of old blog pages but it has to also be something else. I really need to get an SSL sert. Been working on colour schemes to redo the look of the site. Turns out the contrast between my main paragraph text and background colour does not meet accessability guidelines. I still want to keep the pink theme.

18.01 Atom is shutting down? I use that for my code editing. Guess I have to find something else. I've been playing with a lot of different functions in other mediums. Today I started the web section of my site and made a different CCS sheet for it.

07.01 Wanted to get one of my Twine games up on the site. I looked up how to do it. "It's just an HTML file so upload it like any other" was quite the revalation.


27.10 My website is down? I really need to change hosts. This happens every month. This is not a big site.

20.10 Been working on a nice menu for the guides page. I found a tutorial for a CSS polaroid and am adjusting it. Some reason it keeps going wrong. A single image works but copying the same segment three times results in 4 images? Where n is the number of identical sections in html I get n+(n-2) if n is more than 3.

18.08 Trying to get an SSL certificate. Not really able to as my host will not let me upload the generated certificate. I don't have access to the server. They will arrange one for me for £35 a year.

17.08 Set up a 404 page.

16.08 Got goatcounter analytics working. Breaking free of google analytics and running something that does not track so does not require cookies. I adore stats and having analytics from the previous site lets me know which articles people actually read and which to recreate first.

15.08 Turns out wordpress was not pulling my images from the media folder but from somewhere else so when I copy and paste the page content most of the images still load. This will make the process so much further. Even the alt text stays.

13.08 Sat down and decided it was time to bite the bullet, learn how FTP works and archive my old site. There were a few errors along the way as I found that the pages in wordpress are not stored anywhere I can access without learning about databases. I put the site back up and used a tool to scrape my site so I could read it in my text editor. Then I took it down for good.

old web construction gif


Reskinned the marketing website into a personal site. I spent a long time deciding on the pages I wanted to have on my menu. That was a very big question as I struggled to get menus to copy accross pages. I gave up and still did not post much on my wordpress site.


Worked on my first attempt at a handcoded site. This was intended as a portfolio site when I was aiming for a career in digital marketing. That's not how life ended up. The files sat on my computer until recycled into the skeleton of this very website.